Creation of the branding for this problem-solving agency with insight at its heart. The infinity loop created out of the “O’s” within The Monday Project reflects their bespoke approach to each of their client’s challenges. It also builds in the ongoing refinement of their projects, based on consumer feedback.

The Monday Project branding

For the animation version I developed a 3D version of the infinity loop to bring their logo to life… the footage behind takes on their brand colours. 

All the clips selected are shot from the Point of View of the person with their hands showing to empathise it this. It implies that The Monday Project gets inside the head of your consumers and sees the world from different people's perspectives

Combined with the subject matter, this not only provides visually compelling footage but also allows the viewer to project themselves onto a person pushing their limits as you can’t see their faces. 

The digital glitches help communicate a slightly more down to earth on the ground approach. This visual language also gives a nod to VR and GoPro footage so immersing their clients in the world of the individual consumer.