Just eat - Halloween

I took this idea from the concept development to directing the video shoot as well as doing all of the post production work in After Effects. The videos were then placed on Just Eat’s paid social media in Instagram and Facebook across 6 Countries / languages.

Monster / Burger

Trick: The shadow was recreated and animated in post production. 

Or: The lightening was created using a combination of 3 shots with different lightings with the camera movement replicated using a robotic rig and overlaying the footage. 

Treat: The model making for the patty and lettuce leaves including a hinge which was attached to a real bun. The burger was then puppeteered and the strings rotoscoped out of the end shot in post. 


Witches Cauldron / Thai Green Curry

Trick: Bubbles created using dry ice.

Or: Lighting switched on after the camera pans backwards.

Treat: Chillies dropped in for the end shot. 


werewolf / Pizza

Trick: Cheese wolf recreated and animated in post production against a lamp shaped as the moon.

Or: This was then 3D mapped on to the side of the elevated pizza slice. 

Treat: The light footage was combined with the dark and faded up to reveal the fully lit pizza. 

Behind the scenes

A few shots from the shoot at the brilliant Photo Studio 4


Scamp / Storyboard

Rough movement guide produced before the shoot to get the stakeholders on board.